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The plantation of Coffee locate in Yunnan, China.Nearby Vietnam and Laos, with most original natural environment, and it is the most suitable region for arabica coffee planting. It locates between east longitude 101<14'゛102<19', and northern latitude 22<20'゛22<36', annual temperature 19≧, annual precipitation 2260mm, annual sunshine hours 1871h, latosolic red soil, pH value 4.5-6.5, and forms typical ^Vertical Climate ̄, with 1,000-1,500 meters altitude. Coffee adopted rainforest coffee planting mode, does not hurt previous ecological natural environment. We' ve supplied many coffee green beans and roasted beans to Europe, North America, Australia, Middle-east and South-East Asia.

 Coffee Fruit





 Coffee Fruit Decortication

 Piling Up

 Sun Dry

 Coffee Bean Decortication


 Picking Out Defect Beans

 Plantation Environment

Longitude: 101<14'゛102<19' Latitude: 22<20'゛22<36'
Soil: Red Soil Altitude: 1000M~1500M
Annunal Average Temperature: 19≧ PH Value: 4.5~6.5
Annunal Average Rainfall: 2260mm Annunal Average Sunlight: 1871h








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